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Sheer Song in West
——Pierre Cardin Spring&summerFashion Show 2017
The grand Pierre Cardin fashion show in Dunhuang desert in 2007 injected new vigor into the fashion world. Pierre Cardin re-chose The Yellow River Stone Forest National Geological Park in Gansu Province in West China again after nine years as the venue for Pierre Cardin Spring&summerFashion Show 2017. Looking afar the grayish yellow stone forest precipice at the afternoon Sep 19th, the guests awaiting at the Yellow River Side leading to the venue had to hold back themselves as they came a long way to reach the spot via the sheepskin raft and donkey cart. Such way not only impressed the guests with rareness but imprinted the intense west landscape in their mind. The wild venue resounded with primitive sheerness and natural shout, which indicatedthat it was a show themed with sheerness, and it is bound to sing merry song touching the heart in the wildest fashion.
Naturally dramatize China source
Fang Fang, China region Chief Representative for Pierre Cardin and the Chief Director for the launch event, told us: it took courage to launch one such show in the Yellow River source as it enjoys symbol significance for China civilization. How to present the cultural inheritance and the natural landscapeby the Chinese descendants, and how to present the wear aesthetics in such context of freedom, whichtest the designer’s originality. It is obvious that Pierre Cardin knows a lot in this connection.
There emerges one 150m long T stagebeyond the valley as brilliant as silver amongst zigzag stone forest, amid which is one dead tree stretching its spiral twig, and several donkey carts are parked behind the stage. One sheer performance came before the audience in such clear wild. Enjoy the untrammeled aesthetics afar from the noisy city presented by Pierre Cardin in the natural sound amongst the 150 sets of fashion show by one hundred models. What is amazing is one song titled The Moon during the day wear, which was independently composed, played and sung by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, super model lady of France former President Nicolas Sarkozy. The limpid female voice in the context of one wooden guitar depicted one gentle and graceful picture, and it was just in such tranquil and melodious context that the audience could enjoy the free and natural aesthetics amid such natural opening.
The absence of redundancy instead reflects the natural aesthetics, which maybe the very impression left by the show. Staying away from the magnificence in the Dunhuang show in 2007, Pierre Cardin laid more stress on the pursuit of simplicity and wildness, one farewell to the magnificence this year. It brought the audience with different imagination space along the serried cliff and turbid river water.
Wild aesthetics in the wearsublimes love
Pierre Cardin in this season pursues wild aesthetics in the mother river side, and the original simplicity design is one escape from the pile of block colors and complex technology. The plain, elegant and pure colors present the aesthetics of simplicity.
The overall design remarkably upgrades the brightness of the color while retaining the geometric figure and floral prints inherent in the brand. The day wear is in use of the metal accessories and space pattern to more prominently display the wildness. The avant-garde and 3D man jumpsuit lively demonstrates the visual effect with simple tailor. The suit series is custom-made for the office workers. It is in use of wrinkle-free fabric assorting with slim cut and simple fabric, which brings us with a taste of naturalness and plainness. The night wear says farewell to the Chapel train, gets free from any sophisticated design, while the simple pleat just highlights the sense of line. The knee high skirt smells the sense of freedom. What is noteworthy, the China Region firstly introduces the kids wear under PierreCardin, which looks more like the mini edition of the adult wear, while keeping the consistency between the design tonality and elements.
When the show was about to conclude, the debut of ten kid models brought the show to another climax. The kids with colorful hydrogen balloons in their hands bound them to the dead tree twigs, when the tree revived immediately, it was one extol for the tree in the nature flourished amid the stage. Lastly, the pure white wedding dress was just another highlight on the sheer aesthetics. It was so nice-looking that one kid could not help but presented the flowers to the beautiful angel, harvesting one kiss laden with love. Concurrently, the colored smoke rose from all directions and the applause was on and on, the love was sublimed again in the vast wild. The vigorous circle of life in the cycle of seasons and the sense of mission to pursue aesthetics welled up in the heart with new flavor.