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Pierre Cardin’s 70th Anniversary Show Will Soon Hit Beijing

—Recapture the Classic

On the evening of December 31, Pierre Cardin’s 70th birthday anniversary show will take place at 751D-park79, Beijing, China. This occasion themed on ballet “Marco Polo Ship” may let all audiences relish a wondrous extravaganza using fascinating tale and diverse attire. As the last of its kind in 2017, this show will surely deserve the name of a visual feast.

Recapture the Past Classic, Rediscover a New Aesthetics

This pageant is expected to have four distinct parts: Call of the Wind, Triumph of the Classics, Casual Sipping, Great Love. In terms of material application, colour selection and silhouette design, it is as much about tradition as it is about innovation.

The coming of two models marks the start of the fashion show. First of all, Call of the Wind. This series introduces various bold-looking all-weather coats and most of them are made of lamb- or paint-skin fabrics. So, both silhouette and shape take on a better look featured with bold lines and intricate layers or levels. Yet the colour continues Pierre Cardin’s tradition—high-saturation design by massively applying bright yellow, bright blue, bright red, to name a few, in addition to design subtleties like oblique zippers. As a result, different colours are in stark contrast.

Second, Triumph of the Classics. It mainly introduces with classic men’s wear and ladies’ wear. No matter how much the world changes, the classics will live on and on as this series shows us. The colour ranges from gorgeous deep blue and deep purple to classy grayish black. And there are other subtleties worthy of mentioning, such as broad tassels. So, no wonder all garments in this series look so elegant. Using many imported fabrics—pure wool, woolen blend, pure cotton, cashmere and knit, completely unleashes the brand’s chic business style. As a result, this series feels smart but not ice-cold. Warmth and colour as well show that the brand does not yet forget why it started after twists and turns, ups and downs. Such is the legacy of a brand, yet the power of a designer.

Third, Casual Sipping. The part showcases small dresses and cocktail dresses, including small black dresses fit for various occasions and small contrasted-colour one-piece dresses. This time the main focus will be applying some fabrics’ front and reverse sides and crisscrossing the same colour system’s different fabrics to show how many glances ladies wearing them would get in the evening light.

Fourth, Great Love. This part is about various evening dresses and long dresses inspired by various Cardin classics. The designer selects pinkish purple and black as main series colours and makes massive use of fabrics like acetate, pure silk, organza, chiffon and lace, all of which hang well, to highlight the alluring curves of ladies via multilayered cutting. Not only are these series elegant-looking, but also vintage multilayered cutting shows off those models’ curves to the fullest. They come in tune with the entire show and make alive the love, great love of humans, sights and all dresses.

As “Moon Goddess” finally stands onstage in the entire dark, everyone would marvel at her garment—a wedding dress made of a brand-new luminous material. Such new idea tells everyone that the 70-year-old Pierre Cardin still uses any and all means to make breakthrough and spread its presence.

Delve into the Art of Ballet, Decode the Vibe of Love

Themed on “Marco Polo Ship,” this annual event blends fashion show with ballet dance, thereby adding an exotic touch to the capital that would soon later usher in the Spring Festival. This time ballerinas from Shanghai Ballet and various showy models will together present the time-honoured brand with a “crossover gift” at this anniversary.

And the ballet dance turns out a masterpiece called “Marco Polo—the Last Mission,” which made its debut at the Opening Ceremony of World Expo Shanghai 2010. Mr Pierre Cardin went there and served as costume and stage designer. That artwork tells a tale about how Marco Polo, during his journey back to Venice, as ordered, escorted Princess Kököchin to Persia where she would marry a local prince. Tortuous plot and thrilling drama won it widespread acclaim in China and beyond.

As a matter of fact, these four series come in tune with the plot. “Call of the Wind” marks the beginning of their journey; “Triumph of the Classics” represents their triumph over cannibals and new start; “Casual Sipping” signifies the calm before their arriving in Persia; “Great Love” depicts the last duet involving Marco Polo and Princess. These titular roles, too, confided their deepest love to each other for the last time.

As Chief Representative of Pierre Cardin China, FANG Fang would chiefly helm this show. While being interviewed she stated that, “This time we won’t set a big screen or play any video. What we would use is but lighting and acting—acting of ballerinas and models. Such blend simply tries to make the audience focus their eyes more on stage performance and better enjoy the entire show. Personally, I think this will be a very, very awesome show for every audience. It creatively blends fashion show with ballet dance. As the plot unfolds, all viewers can discover many exotic elements and tuck into the sheer charm of the show. This show will be much longer than usual ones as it involves stage performance. So, all audiences will enjoy a fuller show.”