FALL/WINTER 2008/2009

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Pierre Cardin

 Prêt-à-porter Collection Fall-Winter 2008-2009 « Galerie d’Art »

Pierre Cardin has always through out his life searched for Beauty in its diverse forms. In his past collections, his taste for traveling and Art were always the fundaments for his creation. Art patron and Artist himself, friend with Salvador Dali and such, he shares his taste through various places he opened to the public. If in Paris the Musée Pierre Cardin welcomes some of his models in turn it is the Espace Pierre Cardin and the Chateau Lacoste that houses art and culture related events. Near Cannes it is his Palais bulles from the architect Antti Lovag that he made available, showing in it curves and forms his taste for the geometrical.

This season’s creations directly refer to his interest in Art, as they are inspired by 3 majors themes that are Photography, Modern sculpture and Modern painting.

The first part of the collection “Galerie d’Art” derives from photos of Paris and of a Harley Davidson that were taken by the chief designer Sergio Altieri. The dresses and shirts displaying them in a search for perspectives and details. Through mostly black and white a shot of red color sometimes redefine the clothes.

Inspired directly by sculpture in its various forms, be it the curves of modern sculpture or the lines of Art Deco furniture, the second part of the show entices us with spacious clothes arranged harmoniously with geometrical shapes and motifs. Trapezoid coats and hoop dresses pair with masculine clothes in which every detail to the fastenings is rounded, stretched or folded like by a sculptor’s hand.

The third part conveys in fashion all that modern painting could be. Strong colors spread out on pieces to wear, showing off brush and pencil strokes. Impressions of mixed red, blue, yellow and a wide range of tones, hand painted on unique sweaters or printed on nylon jackets, for day and evening use. Long dresses that combine form and color in both true sense.  A collection that introduces the art and the exclusiveness of Haute-Couture into Prêt-à-Porter.

Alongside the fabrics that are printed in Japan for the exclusivity of the Chinese market, the models also present a line of bags and accessories, recapturing the essence of the collection, the combined black, white and red coloring as well as the flowered and geometrical forms.

The show takes place in the famous 798 Factory, Dashanzi Art District, the heart of a growing art and culture community in Beijing. It was designed by the East the German's architects in Bauhaus style in the early 50's. Through the reconstruction and redesigning will of contemporary artists, combining the past, present, and future of the "New China", the space keep records of the unique meaning of the socialistic culture.

Under the supervision of Pierre Cardin’s representative in China, Fang Fang, who is also the artistic director of this show, and during some 40 minutes, 80 models present the latest collection of Pierre Cardin under Sergio Altieri’s watch. Gliding on the sound of classical music and jazz, they open to you the doors of Cardin’s latest “Galerie d’Art”, introducing pieces of beauty, style and grace, art works both supple yet strong.